The kit of 4 roman stackable white pedestals is a unique solution among white cake pedestal

4 roman white pedestals

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Save space and time with the stackable roman column cylinders, ideal for your events!
You can insert one inside the other for easy transport!
· H 80 cm, diam 55 cm
· H 70 cm, diam 45 cm
· H 60 cm, diam 35 cm
· H 50 cm, diam 25 cm
Made in high density polystyrene to guarantee maximum sturdiness, they can support up to 70kg!
Supplied in white only, but you can give free rein to your imagination and cover them in various ways to suit the theme of the event.
How to decorate them? It’s easy! Using adhesive paper, paper + double-sided adhesive tape or by coloring them with water-based acrylic colors.
Non-shiny texture.