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How to create large light up numbers and large light up letters

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light up numbers

How to create large light up numbers and large light up letters

Large light-up numbers and letters are eye-catching decorative elements commonly used in events, parties, and commercial displays. These glowing symbols serve multiple purposes, such as highlighting important dates, initials, or messages at weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and retail promotions. Their visual impact not only enhances the ambiance but also serves as a focal point, drawing attention and adding a touch of glamour and personalization to any setting.

Marquee light up numbers

Marquee light-up numbers are a versatile and impactful decor choice, perfect for making any event stand out and creating lasting memories.
What are the occasions to use them?

– Highlight important dates, such as the wedding date or anniversary.
– Create a romantic ambiance with numbers representing significant moments.

– Showcase milestone ages (e.g., 18, 30, 50) as a focal point in the decor.
– Enhance photo booths or dessert tables with the celebrant’s age.

– Commemorate the number of years a couple or company has been together.
– Add a celebratory feel to the venue.

Corporate Events:
– Mark company milestones, such as years in business or significant achievements.
– Enhance branding and promotional displays.

New Year’s Eve and Holidays:
– Display the upcoming year prominently at parties and public celebrations.
– Add festive lighting to holiday gatherings.

Proms and Graduations:
– Celebrate the graduating class year with large, illuminated numbers.
– Create memorable backdrops for photos.

Large light up letters

For the occasions mentioned above, large numbers are not the only way to celebrate important moments. Large light up letters are an equally valid alternative for your most important events.
For example, at a wedding you can choose to write the groom’s initials or at a birthday the name of the person celebrating.
This will make your event even more memorable!

large light up letters

Large letters and numbers with battery powered LEDs

If you are curious to find out how we create these numerous numbers and letters, all you have to do is continue reading.
First you need our structures that you can find on our site: both for numbers and letters.
You will then need battery-powered LEDs that you can easily find on the internet,. Battery-operated LEDs are very practical: they are usually already supplied with double-sided adhesive that you can use to attach them conveniently to your structure. This way you can attach and detach them several times. Furthermore, depending on which LEDs you choose, many will also allow you to have multiple colors that you can change using the remote control incorporated in the package.
N.b. LEDs are usually supplied without batteries, which must be purchased separately. On the internet you can find very convenient packages.

How to assemble leds with letters and numbers to create large light up structures

As previously mentioned you will need our number/letter structures and battery powered LEDs. Then you will attach the LEDs (equipped with strong double-sided adhesive) to the structure by applying a little pressure so that they adhere well.
Once the event is over you can detach them and why not for the next event you could decide to fill the structure with balloons or flowers!

Balloon mosaic numbers and letters

The best thing about these structures is that they are versatile! In fact, by using battery-operated LEDs equipped with double-sided adhesive you can detach and reattach them as you wish! By detaching them you can create other wonderful structures filled with balloons or flowers, depending on the theme of the event! If the double-sided adhesive supplied with the LEDs loses adhesion, don’t worry because we can supply you with our strong-hold double-sided adhesive, ideal for polystyrene structures.

Giant numbers and giant letters

An alternative to balloon mosaic structures are our giant numbers or letters. They are 92cm high and approximately 12cm thick. The difference with balloon mosaic structures is that they are solid inside. But you can still apply the LEDs and obtain an enchanting result!

xxl numbers

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